The "Leading Your People" Program

Equipping managers to lead in the new workplace reality! 

Next Session Starts on September 30, 2021!

This six-module program will provide you with the tools, skills and behaviours to lead your team with focus and confidence. 

Hi there! 

I'm Vanessa Judelman, an author, Executive Coach and leadership expert!

For the past 20 years, I have developed thousands of leaders. I have written a book about leadership. I’ve been a leader myself…and I really understand what it takes to go from a doer to a confident leader.

 Over the last 18 months, I have talked to and surveyed hundreds of leaders to find out what’s been most challenging for them in our current climate. All my research and conversations have culminated into the Leading Your People Program.

I hope you'll join me on September 30th. You'll learn a lot, meet a great network of  leaders and change the way you lead forever! That's my guarantee!


Is this program right for you?

How will you know if this program is right for you (or even for one of the managers on your team or in your organization)?


Well, it’s right for anyone who has been struggling with the following issues while leading their team:

·      How can I coach and develop my team to enhance their effectiveness? 

·      How do I have tough conversations and give feedback?

·      How do I hold people accountable and ensure that they achieve their goals?

·      How can I best manage my time and delegate better when I’m in meetings all day long?

·      How do I keep my team motived during this constant change?

·      How do I improve communication?

·      How do I measure my success? How do I know that I am being an effective leader in this environment?


So, if you’d like the answers to these questions, you are in the right place!


The Leading Your People Program will provide you with the solid tools and strategies that are needed to lead your team with confidence and clarity!


By attending this program, three months from now you will lead very differently. 


 You will:

·      Really understand what’s expected of you as a leader in today’s work environment 

·      Have a toolkit of strategies to successfully lead your team

·      Know exactly how to coach so that your people are comfortable solving their own problems

·      Know how to give feedback so that you will see real behavioural change from team members 

·      Know how to delegate the right way 

·      Clearly understand your leadership style and how to leverage it to be more effective

·      Know exactly what it takes to build a high performing team

·      Really improve as a leader and maybe even get that promotion

·      Feel more confident in your role and know that you are “leading the right way” 


I have helped thousands of leaders over the years to achieve these goals. I’d be so excited to work with you to achieve the same outcomes.    


So...what is included in this program?

In this program you will receive:


·      Six, two-hour modules each focusing on a core element of leadership  

·      A personal development plan and action plan to close your leadership gaps

·      Peer coaching by your fellow participants, all sharing their own best practices 

·      Six workbooks with valuable information that you can retain and utlize as an on-going resource

Plus, you'll complete the DiSC Profile assessement to understand how your work-style impacts your decision making, communication and approach to developing relationships.


Here are some of the program details:

Program investment: $1,999 per person 

Program time: 10:00am-12:00pm EST

Program topics and dates:

o   September 30th - Module 1: How to understand and leverage your work-style 

o   October 12th - Module 2: How to give feedback and have difficult conversations 

o   October 26th - Module 3: How to coach for results 

o   November 9th - Module 4: How to delegate and develop your team effectively 

o   November 23 - Module 5: How to manage your time and priorities   

o   December 7th - Module 6: How to lead and communicate change 


To register click the blue button below.

Type in your name and email, you will be prompted to put in your credit card number and you are in!  


This is super exciting. I hope to see you on September 30, 2021


Get ready for your life to really change. Get ready to feel empowered and confident to lead in any workplace environment. 




P.S. Any questions? Send me an email at [email protected]

Here is what past participants have said:

Aaron Keefe, Controller, The Canadian Press:

“Vanessa's leadership program was one of the most informative and productive programs that I have attended. The experience I have gained has been integral in helping with change management, conflict management and listening skills in my current role.”

Erin Avery, Senior Vice President Global Marketing Vision Critical:

Vanessa is an excellent leadership coach and facilitator. Her unique ability to help her clients see through “what is” empowers them to act upon “what could be,” creating impactful and lasting business benefit. Her lessons and techniques unite cross-functional leaders and teams and are practical and universally applicable.

Vanessa’s real super power is her ability to teach others to see and achieve better outcomes, both personally and professionally, through emotionally intelligent critical thinking and effective communication.”

Sudharshan Sathiyamoorthy, Vice President, Richter:

“Vanessa has a wealth of knowledge and experience. She provides tools and advice that result in you and your team feeling accomplished. But what sets her apart, is her personality and approach – she is extremely personable, she is intuitive, and she is a good listener. Vanessa can help develop your leadership skills by providing you with practical tools and developing your emotional and social intelligence.“  

Lisa Schnare. Director or Sales Development, Influitive:

“Vanessa’s program is not just training – it’s a mindset. The course is full of tools and techniques every leader needs in order to manage happy, productive, and successful teams. Vanessa is one of the most self-aware, authentic, and charismatic people I’ve met. She’s one of those people that builds rapport in a matter of minutes simply by being confident and genuine. Anyone who works with Vanessa will find themselves with an invaluable set of skills, and also an invaluable friend.“

Leslie Yip. Manager, Product Develoment, Star Media:

 "Vanessa's program has taught me how to manage by method. I now have the tools to manage change and my team dynamics. I have a much clearer sense of my priorities and feel so much more confident as a leader. “

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